Children are our mission

Each year, all funds raised during this event are donated to help charities in our community that enrich the lives of under-privileged or high-risk children.  If you would like to be considered for this year's donation, please fill out the application here!

2 local scholarships

Two students, one from Clemens and one from Steele, will be selected for a small scholarship.  These scholarships vary depending on the total amount raised through this event.  In previous years, we have been able to give away about $7,000 in total scholarships. **We may be able to choose additional students depending on final fundraising numbers**

All interested students will need to send in their application for consideration of a scholarship.  These students are chosen, not based on their academic achievements, but on their extra-curriculars and determination.  Please see your school's counselor for more information regarding the application. 

For a copy of the application, please download here!