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Each year, all funds raised during this event are donated back to the community. A portion goes toward scholarships for students, and the rest goes to help charities in our community that enrich the lives of under-privileged or high-risk children.  If you would like to be considered for this year's scholarships or donation, please fill out the application(s) below!


At least two students from SCUCISD will be selected for a small scholarship.  These scholarships vary depending on the total amount raised through this event.  In previous years, we have been able to give away about $5,000 to each recipient in total scholarships. **We may be able to choose additional students depending on final fundraising numbers**

All interested students will need to send in their application for consideration of a scholarship.  These students are chosen, not based on their academic achievements, but on their extra-curriculars and determination.  Please see your school's counselor for more information regarding the application. 

  • Must be a graduating senior living in SCUCISD (Clemens, Steele, Allison Steele, Charter School, Homeschool, etc.)

  • Must be planning to enter a college, university, or technical school in the Fall of 2022 

  • Must agree to attend and participate in BBQ Cook-Off Event on April 29

  • Must complete 20 hours of volunteer work at a local non-profit 

  • If selected, must provide information of the institution where the check will be sent

For a copy of the application, please download here!


We will select at least one local charity to receive a donation from the proceeds of this event. Interested organizations must submit the application (below). Priority is given to organizations that help children and families in need. 

  • Must be a registered 501c3 organization with the IRS

  • Must reside in or dominantly function in the SCUC ISD area

  • Must agree to attend and participate in BBQ Cook-Off Event on April 29 

  • Must center around enriching the lives of children

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